How to Fix "windows can't format flash drive" erro

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How to Fix "windows can't format flash drive" erro

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If USB flash drive cannot be formatted and was informed with a prompt "Window was unable to complete the format" error. These errors indicate that windows can’t format flash drive and the USB flash drive are inaccessible. Just follow and find solutions here to get your problems solved right now.
can't format usb drive

USB drives can be connected to a computer easily via USB drive to backup or transfer data. Sometimes, when you want to format it, you may be unable to format your flash drive. For example, it popped up an error saying "Windows was unable to complete the format". Why is this happening?
The Main Cause that Windows can't Format USB Drive
This error may happen as a result of the following reasons:

Cause 1: Virus infection

If you plug USB flash drives into a public computer, you’ll take the risk on damaging the files and even the drive will stop working due to Virus attacks.

Cause 2: USB flash device has bad sectors

As we all know, storage devices consist of sectors. Bad sector means the sector is damaged and can't be read or written, thus bad sectors can disrupt the formatting operation as well as file recovery. There are quite a few causes of bad sectors, like bad quality, excessive defragmentation, unplug USB flash drive directly while it is working, etc.

Cause 3: USB flash drive suffers physical damage

Physical damage is another reason that makes storage device inaccessible. Computer won't be able to format the device if it can't use the device.

Cause 4: USB Flash Disk is write-protected

Windows can't format a drive when it is in the write-protected state. As formatting is kind of writing operation, so you need to remove the write-protection before formatting it.